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If you are targeting to teach bachelor degree level then you should hold a post graduate bachelor or master degree minimum. If you are willing to teach master level, you should hold a master degree or doctorate, if you are willing to teach / supervise executive doctorate, you should hold at least doctorate degree.

Yes, we charge 300$ USD annual for partnership this would include your IUEE University certificate of partnership and all necessary documents from IUEE University to act as official partner in your region / country.

The IUEE University open to welcome training institutions from all over the world, this means if we have a partner in your country and you would like to be our partner too then there is no problem at all unless the case of EXECLUSIVE partner where exclusive may act the sole partner in the region / country.
Yes, as a partner you may ask your instructors to share their courses with IUEE team for approval and accreditation first, then your instructors are free to submit and use our platform.
Upon the approval from IUEE team and accreditation we can design for your programs a special discipline degree if we find it useful and matching our standards, contact us for more info.
The IUEE University mainly acting as international university which means we are open to languages such as Spanish, French, Arabic …etc. However, we prefer to have English due to expansion of the language English.
Any partner is free to choose the way he would like to teach his courses either online through our platform or face to face onsite with the students.
Yes, you can have your graduation ceremony after receiving the graduation degrees from IUEE University.
Sure, once you are a partner you are eligible to promote and use our logo in your marketing campaign.
Yes, all approved partners should have their office addresses and contact info so that we can shortlist it into our website.

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