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IUEE is an online university dedicated to encourage learners to gain professional continuing education, the idea and creation of IUEE founded in 2022, IUEE fully operated online by instructors and administrators.

IUEE is an online university and because we believe in online education for executives, we do not need campus or building, however we have an office(s) in many regions/countries in addition to our international partners.

IUEE acting as a professional executive education NOT as academic university, you may check our website to learn more about academic degrees vs professional executive degrees.
No, IUEE act as executive education therefore we do not have accreditation such as regular universities, however as an online executive professional university IUEE is a member of many private international agencies/ associations / organizations such as IFGICT who are offering continuing education accreditation credits to our programs. Visit our accreditation page to learn more.

We believe in education and education must be open to everyone, therefore we are trying to act as a non-for-profit entities and only covering the cost of running IUEE’s activities.

You need to use this form so we can have your data, upon approval from IUEE you can create your own account in our platform using your email or any of your social media access.

We do not accept candidates who do not hold at least a high school bachelor.

Sure, you will need to register and submit a copy of your recent bachelor / MBA / Master and upon our approval you will be admitted to our executive doctorate program?

Our model is flexible, you can only pay per course, once you are done with your course, you can pay for the next course and so on.

We are trying to make all courses attractive to learners, some courses have e-books while majority of courses we provide based recorded videos by instructors, and because our instructors are full time employee with other institutions therefore we can not guarantee live courses with our instructors and relay on our recorded presentations videos by them.

Sure, we have exam after each course.

Yes, there is 100$ USD only paid upon your admission approval.

We do refund the recent course only; we do not refund the admission fee nor previous courses too.

  • We provide one free course demo in IT and one free course demo in management, you can create a free account in our platform and surf the free courses.

Sure, you may request your bachelor / degree e-version for FREE from our admission, if you want a printed version to be sent to your country address, we charge only 199$ USD for shipping via DHL / FedEx or UPS.

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