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If you are targeting to teach bachelor degree level then you should hold a post graduate bachelor or master degree minimum. If you are willing to teach master level, you should hold a master degree or doctorate, if you are willing to teach / supervise executive doctorate, you should hold at least doctorate degree.

If you are specialized in teaching management courses, we recommend you surf our platform and check list of disciplines we provide, if you are in IT you may also check list of disciplines from the platform.

You may need to contact our team using contact us page and we will be happy to assist you.
Our platform designed to provide a flexible easy to use features with no single complications, you can easily name your course, give description of your course, upload your course content in any format such as PDF, MS Word or PPT, upload your video sessions, design your questions and you’re ready to go

The platform has different options such as sending emails to your group students, messaging or can be live video meeting, however we are not activating to live video meeting due to time difference between countries of each student which makes a lot of issues with our students who can not attend your time zone due to their time zone difficulties, therefore we at IUEE University relaying on uploaded video sessions of your courses to guarantee all students will have access to your course sessions at anytime from anywhere..

We prefer you have a recoded video courses if your course is highly needed, such as accounting courses, financial courses, coding and programming courses or IT courses, however there are some courses would not need a video session. You may need to contact us in order to verify your request.

We are acting as NGO and non for profit organizations, this is why we provide affordable pricing comparing with other executive institutions out there, our business model based on percentage which means you will get paid upon course pricing percentage which is in this case 10%, for example if the course cost 50$ USD and we have 100 students who purchased the course from our platform, the total would be 5.000$ USD, you will be paid the amount of 500$ USD which is 10% as mentioned.

We are totally operating as an online university so we do pay our instructors over G-Wallet, PayPal, e-Cheque or bank transfer from USA – however we do not recommend bank transfer due to many troubles in sending / receiving IBAN / SWIFT numbers and banking hidden rates in commissioning.

Once we approve your joining as instructor at IUEE University you will be receive an agreement stating that any course content / course videos / materials are IP rights for both the instructor and IUEE University which means you AGREE that IUEE University will be using your course materials and video lectures based on our business model even thought you would like to leave or quit IUEE officially, and that IUEE University shall not use the course materials and video lectures outside the boundary of IUEE University.

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