Research and development

Research and development

Research and developement

R&D is the process of gathering knowledge for the purpose of creating new products or discovering new methods to enhance current products and services by International University of Executive Education (IUEE). IUEE‘s R&D staff works on items and processes that will not be commercially available until they have been tested and refined. We’ve got three primary types of research at IUEE; 1. Introduction to basic research, 2. The applied research, 3. Experimental development.

Basic research

Basic or theoretical, also known as fundamental research aims at helping researchers gain a better understanding of some phenomena in the world. It’s looking at how the system works, but it doesn’t seek to find a way of improving it. Your understanding and explanation of scientific theories and explanations will be broadened by this research. Example: A company is studying the effect of placing different products in various locations on sales. The study provides information and knowledge base.

Applied research

Here we are looking for strategies that could be used in order to solve a particular research problem. In the case of applied research, theories are used to develop practical science knowledge and their use in STEM fields like engineering, computer science or medicine is widespread. Market research, as it is possible to develop strategies on the development of new products and marketing campaigns by analyzing consumption patterns.

Experimental development

It entails the design and replication of a phenomenon whose variable values are manipulated strictly in strict controlled conditions so that it can be identified or found to have an effect on another independent variable or object. In accordance with the scientific method’s guidelines, the phenomenon that will be studied shall be observed by studying and monitoring groups. Examples of randomized controlled studies conducted to assess the effectiveness of new medicines in humans.

The various stages of an R&D project at IUEE

The different stages of IUEE‘s research and development projects need to be taken into account. The following stages shall take place: Planning, Research, Development, Testing, Product release. The project may go through this cycle several times before it is successful or unsuccessful in most cases.

Criteria of R&D at IUEE

In addition, we have six criteria for research and development: Technology, Marketing, Finance, IP, Resource Management, Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Green ICT, Sustainable Development, Big Data, Information and Communication Technology, Game Engineering, Software Engineering, Databases. All criteria are dealt with at a level of detail in relation to the research and development process.

Our current work

Our work today is dealing with some of the most important issues that concern the 21st century, such as Green Technology, Global Climate Change, Security and Governance, Mobility and Human Rights, Poverty and Inequality, Technological Innovation and Enterprise, Children and Youth, Food Sustainability and Urban Development.

Our approach is distinctive because it addresses both the structural causes of poverty and power, while at the same time addressing international and national development aspects. Experience in the field, primary data collection, comparative research, new approaches and theory and analysis are all valued.

You can also find out more about our externally supported research teams and key projects that account for the vast majority of our research activities, as well as how their results have an important impact on the world.


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